A re-imagining of the late poet’s acclaimed solo work. The story of a man wrestling with illness and mortality, told with humor, honesty, and wonder through a mix of theatre, poetry, music, and video projections.  Sundiata’s original show premiered in 2002 and toured extensively until his passing in 2007.  blessing the boats was re-envisioned by Rhodessa Jones as an ensemble piece in 2013 as part of Blink Your Eyes: Sekou Sundiata Revisited, a retrospective produced by MAPP International Productions.  Sundiata was a poet, playwright, and band leader with a passion for real democracy and social justice.

Commissioned by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s River to River Festival and Borough of Manhattan Community College and produced as part of Blink Your Eyes: Sekou Sundiata Revisited.  This performance is supported by a rehearsal residency at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Project Space.  

Supported by the Ford Foundation.

Written by Sekou Sundiata     /     Directed by Rhodessa Jones

Performed by Mike Ladd, Will Power, & Carl Hancock Rux

a lean, spare, evocative piece that moves with the delicate precision of a surgeon’s scalpel - slicing open a soul and setting its survivor’s spirit loose.
— The Berkshire Eagle (from Sundiata’s original solo performance)
Photos by Darial Sneed

Photos by Darial Sneed

Playing at the Public Theater, click for directions

Running time: 90 min

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