FEAST is the last meal of an era, carefully prepared during the collapse of the great empire of Babylon.  As the King watches idly, his chorus of Concubines flail about with limb and language, devouring everything possible as they search for something, anything, to hold onto.

Andrew Ondrejcak is a Mississippi-born writer, director and designer.  His performances trap characters in a meticulously designed world.  There, he approaches language the way jazz musicians improvise on a musical phrase. His linguistic playfulness and visual imagery fuse into a poetic examination of human existence.

Written, directed and designed by Andrew Ondrejcak
Produced by ArKtype / Thomas O. KriegsmannFEAST premiered at Incubator Arts Project at St. Marks Church.

Andrew Ondrejcak’s FEAST channel-surfs through a linguistic Jabberwocky.
— Culturebot
Photos by Marek Berry

Photos by Marek Berry

Playing at the Public Theater, click for directions

Running time: 75 min

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*followed by a moderated talkback

 *Part of INCOMING! A festival within a festival. Rapid Response. Controlled Chaos. New Work.