In this riveting, improvised performance, Smith unravels the myth of the late Rodney King, revealing a man besieged by the Los Angeles Police Department and an unrelenting media spotlight. Smith's rhythm-charged narrative navigates King's fatal descent into his backyard pool, the peaceful punctuation to a life unwittingly distinguished by violence. "Can we," King implores from the deep end, "all get along?"

Writer, performer and director Roger Guenveur Smith adapted his Obie Award-winning solo, A Huey P. Newton Story, into a Peabody Award-winning telefilm, scored by Marc Anthony Thompson. Their many collaborations for the international stage also include Iceland, Who Killed Bob Marley?, The Watts Towers Project, and Juan and John


Supported by the Ford Foundation.

Photos by Patti McGuire

Photos by Patti McGuire

Rodney King provides us with another occasion to extol the magnificence of Roger Guenveur Smith’s solo wizardry. Smith is the jazz master of the form, riffing as freely and confidently as Sonny Rollins on sax.
— Los Angeles Times

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Running time: 60 min

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